Orientation Days

It was back to work today after another super long break. With all the new blood coming in, Ben went over our new team structure, and I’ll be stepping back from the buildings in favor of more systems stuff, which is good. Hopefully we can offload more of the actual device repairs to the lab aides to free us up for other things.

I spent all day with Brody at the junior high, where we closed a few tickets and then stripped down a few laptops. We took a long lunch break at Linh’s with some of the worst service we’ve ever had, because the new guy was having to train an even newer girl. She just hasn’t been able to keep servers there for anything, and it’s suffering a lot because of it.

After work, I stopped by the shop to see Summer, then ran home to clean up before heading to their house. Zach took Autumn to her Explorers meeting and brought Eaddie dinner, so Summer and I just ate some leftover spaghetti. Then I picked Autumn up and we all settled in for the night.

I should invest in submarines with all this diving.

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