I’m Not Your Bud, Guy!

I took the Shadow to work today since it was supposed to be at least a little bit nice out. I spent all day at the high school with Mike, and we closed out a few things. The work there was definitely more difficult than the screw turning I’d been doing at the junior high. I’ll have more to do tomorrow as well, and then lots of claims to finish before the end of the summer.

I met several of the guys at Bocadillos for lunch, and the service was extra good today. Then I finished up at the high school before running home to get the car so I could take the girls to karate.

Summer had their gear, so we stopped by the shop to get that first. Then I dropped them off and went to my parents’ house to visit for a little while. Summer had a long day at work and didn’t want to get back out, so I took the girls home, and it was an early night to bed.

The moon, you say?

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