What Are You Syncing About?

I had to get up extra early this morning to get the girls to school. I decided to take Eaddie in first, since we usually drop Autumn off first, and I needed to end up at the high school anyway. Autumn didn’t appreciate it, and Eaddie dawdled getting out the door, but hopefully having the tables turned will teach both of them to be more considerate and thoughtful in the future.

The office was super cold all morning, stuck at around 64 degrees. I could never tell that the thermostat kicked on, and I’m convinced it’s actually just a thermometer they installed to mock me. I spent all morning and into lunch just working on getting some software loaded for some digital electronics kids. I really hate those HP laptops we got, but I never would have seen that coming when we chose them in the first place.

I ran home and ate the leftover nachos for lunch, then went back to the shop for the afternoon. I did a few work orders remotely for the junior high and middle school, and tinkered with Web Help Desk a bit to see if it would benefit me to set myself as a manager over the other secondary techs. It was a pretty quiet afternoon otherwise. I stayed a bit late just messing with things in my office, then had to run to the high school to get Eaddie’s karate bag that Autumn forgot in the library. I still don’t understand why Autumn did think to bring Eaddie’s stuff with her to the high school, but left her own stuff at home.

After dropping off their gear, I went to my parents’ house and hung out for a little while. Dad had the stereo slides from vacation out, so I looked at those before dinner. Then we worked on the fish soup some more. Eventually I headed home for the evening and bounced around the house picking at various things. I had to sync my text messages with Google Fi again, which wreaked havoc on my notifications. With any luck, my phone won’t be dead when I wake up in the morning.

Am I really just doing all of this, only to wipe my phone and have to do it all over again?

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