You’re Messing With My Chakras

It was frosty again this morning, and I only just made it to work. I found enough to do from my office, so I never bothered getting to a campus anywhere. Zach, Gary, Josh, and I went to Western Sizzlin for lunch, and I stuffed myself in preparation for the month of free birthday food. A little while after we got back, I was sent with Melinda to run some errands around town.

Our first stop was UPS to drop off a package. I didn’t realize we needed to go into a store to pay for a new shipment, so we ended up having to hit The UPS Store on the other side of town later on. Next up was Harbor Freight to try and find some good screwdrivers for laptop repairs. Melinda couldn’t find any the other day on her own, so this was my primary objective for the outing. After finding a passable set, she wanted to stop by Sonic for drinks. Then we had to go to Walmart for some cleaning wipes for the laptops as well. While we were there, we had permission to look for a sofa slipcover to hide the ratty, peeling skin of the sofa I inherited from Zach. I didn’t like the look or the value, so I passed on those but let her buy a couple throw pillows for the couch instead. We had barely made it past the clearance section and got our wipes when she decided she was going to pick up some things for home. What was supposed to be a run across town for screwdrivers was quickly turning into a two hour shopping spree. We finally shipped the package for Greg on the opposite end of town, and made it back to the office just in time for quitting time.

I ran home to change, then had to run back across town to Wesley’s to help with his Suddenlink equipment swap. It was nice and warm out, so I took the Shadow. That should have been a quick job too, but we ended up having to call support twice after the phones wouldn’t come online. A couple hours later the sun had gone down and it was a cold ride to my parents’ house just to pop in while I was on that end of town. We ended up chatting for a little bit, but I had to get home before it got too cold.

The bike died on the way home, presumably because it was out of gas. I flipped the reserve switch and made it home to pick up a jacket, and then went to the gas station to fill up. When I finally made it back home, I exhausted myself doing a 37-point turn getting the bike back in its slot. I wasn’t up for much else, so it was off to bed a little early.

Assistant to the Information Systems Director

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