Hanging Out Fishing

Summer and I got up late and went to Zaxby’s for lunch before she headed home. The lobby was finally open again, so we dined in just in time to get our food before a big lunch rush. When I got back home, I cleaned up and Dad came over to help finish the dryer vent line. We foamed up around the duct inside the outside wall the best we could. Then I had to cut one of the ducts again because we managed to spin the 90ยบ angle pieces around so it made more of a twist coming out of the laundry room, landing it about an inch closer to the outside wall. Once that was all hooked up, we tested the dryer and then taped up the joints to seal it up.

With the dryer project finally complete, we moved a whole bunch of stuff around in the garage and filled up the cabinet again. We swept up and organized a bunch of big, obvious stuff, and then I decided I wanted to run the garage door opener wire through the wall. Doing so would also allow me to hang a cork board right above it. This project ended up taking quite a bit longer than I expected, because the wall was filled with insulation and we couldn’t get my magnetic line close enough to the hole I drilled in the wall. We ultimately had to go to the shop to borrow a proper fish stick, which did the trick.

We weren’t done hanging things then, because I still wanted to re-hang three pictures in the living room where only the one was hung before. After a bunch of measurements to make sure everything was as precise as possible, we discovered the hangers on the back of the picture frames weren’t installed at a consistent distance from the edge of the frames. Fortunately I think one of my other frames is a little closer to what I need, so I’ll swap it out later and use the old frame somewhere else.

By then it was pretty late, so Dad went home and I went up to Summer’s for a quick salad and brat dinner. The girls were home and doing homework, so I pretty much ate and ran so I could clean up a bit more in the house before bed. Past Me had the foresight to pick up two clearance rugs to go in front of the washer and dryer, so the old deteriorated one will likely find a new home either in the garage or in my office at work.

Come on, be a good doge.

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