And They Act Like They Forgot About Drapes

I rode the Shadow to work today, and it paid off with a beautiful afternoon. I had to go by Dwight first thing to babysit testing, but of course nothing happened that required anything of me. Karen was right behind me in the office, and had to run to a meeting. When she got back, she said we were having a Classified Personnel Policy Committee meeting next Monday about the salary schedules.

I got back to the shop just in time for lunch, and I met Gary, Zach, Josh, and Brody at Taco Villa. They were busy inside, but we got a perfect table outside for everyone. It actually ended up being a way faster lunch than we usually take, so I stopped by the shop to see Summer before going back to work.

I spent the afternoon helping Josh a bit, and then we went poking around the other dungeon/basement area with Gary, Greg, and Kyle. At the end of the day, I sat in with Ben for a while and chatted. He confirmed the beaded curtain was still in the closet where he originally hid it, so I went back in there and almost immediately found it. I knew it had to be in the box of ceiling tiles, but it just didn’t feel heavy enough and the curtain had fallen down to the bottom of the box. I didn’t notice until I flipped the whole thing upside down and saw a couple beads poking out the bottom.

When I got home, I fixed a webcam for Summer so she could take it to work. Then I went into denial about how hungry I was and dawdled around until I finally broke down and warmed up a can of soup and made some popcorn. It didn’t really satisfy me, but it made me not hungry. In fact, I probably got too full from it all by the time I finished everything.

To wrap up the evening, I finished some laundry while watching the first episode of Superman & Lois. I really just wanted to see how good it was, and it landed about where I expected, if not a little cheesier. It might be a fun watch though, since this was just the pilot.

Just a bunch of gibberish.

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