Lively Blake

Summer was going to work in Conway today, but ended up getting the day off after all due to a chance of some rain over a carwash. I got up and met Gary at Ridgewood Brothers’ to surprise Blake, who was in town for a couple days and was supposed to pick up a preorder of food for his girlfriend’s family.

Grant chatted with us for a while, but was in a bit of a sleepy haze after working overnight. Eventually he left as Gary and I stuck it out in the heat. The girlfriend’s brother ultimately came for the food, but called Blake to get him out of the house to see us. That’s when I got the idea to hide in the smokehouse and have Robert pretend that we had given up on him and left.

It was great catching up, even if he wasn’t as close to me as the rest of that group. I got to hear reminiscent stories about Mitch’s Hypotonic, which I vaguely remember. Since Grant didn’t get to see Blake that morning, we decided to meet at Taco John’s for lunch tomorrow before parting ways. Gary and I got some food on the way out, and I went back home to eat.

I picked up some Sonic on the way home, which went great with my Bronco. They had a new “Texas” barbecue sauce that I think I actually liked better than their original. With all the time in the sun, I had developed a headache and ended up sleeping for several hours into the evening.

Meanwhile, Summer was back home cooking a roast for dinner, along with some banana pudding and even an apple pie. I made it up for the evening and groggily ate, only because I felt less than good after my nap. The food was all super good, and even the apple pie was some of the better that I’ve had. The girls were getting ready for band camp, and I just sat around for the rest of the evening trying to recover from my nap.

Why are there thousands of songs about love and heartbreak, but only one song about the boys being back in town?

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