Rood Awakening

I took the day off from work but, woke up to a call from a tech from Rood to come check out my air conditioning. Melissa said it would probably be around 10:30, so I was pretty startled when he called. I rushed home and just barely beat him there. Ultimately he said he was getting a 20 degree differential between my return and the air vent, and he said the unit had plenty of refrigerant. While we were outside, Bác Vân came over and picked a bunch of jalapeños for me. I gave most of them to the tech, and then went inside to clean up.

Summer wanted some lunch and nothing really sounded good, so I went to Ridgewood and got some ribs, bacon burnt ends, and turkey along with some sides. It was just Robert and Conner, a new kid that had just graduated from high school but looked about three years shy of it. Robert said Blake would be in town tomorrow morning, so I’ll try to swing by in the morning to see him there.

By the time I got to the shop, they had picked up and Summer couldn’t join me for lunch right away. I killed some time before finally eating some. Just as I finished, she came up and ate. Then I went back home to poke around the house. I got a very little bit done but felt exhausted all afternoon.

Eventually Summer came over for the evening and we watched the newest episode of Loki. I didn’t expect it to end so abruptly. I’m not a fan of the weekly episode format. I’ll take mine in a binge session, please.

‘Cause she’s jalapeño business.

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