Dull Work Now, or Dull Work Later

Everyone there was there at work today, and it felt pretty empty. Gary did his best to inspire everyone for a full day of work, but then he went home because he had been at the hospital all night with our old friend Thomas. I told him not to worry about coming back, and the rest of us quietly toiled away.

I continued work on the image while the others either split up for tickets or spent the entire day enrolling Chromebooks. Lunch time came quickly, and I went to Linh’s with Kyle and Greg. Then I took a b├ính mi home for Eaddie. The rest of the afternoon went by quickly enough, and eventually we all went home.

I stopped to look at a Miata on the way home since Summer wanted to know more about it. The few deeper scratches and scuffs weren’t visible from the road, but otherwise it was in okay condition for something that old. Summer wanted to meet me there later to look at it, and she decidedly fell out of love with it. She continued on to a bowling team builder while I went home for a while.

I eventually made it up to their house for the evening and made double layer tacos for dinner, then watched House with Eaddie until bedtime.

To send a wagon for thy minstrel and refuse my letters!

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