O Captain! my Captain!

I spent most of the day trying to polish my task sequence for the new student laptops. I think Gary was getting frustrated with me, but I didn’t want to ship an unfinished product, and there were plenty of other things we could send the crew to do. Ben happened to be there for what was essentially his last day, and reminded us that we have several hundred Chromebooks that are ready to be enrolled as well, which took most of the heat off of me.

A bit before lunch, a couple guys showed up in a big box truck to clean out the graveyard. Evidently we never actually scheduled a pickup date, but that didn’t matter much. I ended up babysitting them through lunch. Gary ran next door to Smackin’ Wings for food and gave me his leftover fries. Around one o’clock, I had to go back in to help Ben with new staff accounts while he printed badges. That started out as a bit of a circus, but I made it work. It did take the rest of the day though, and as everyone else left, Gary and I stuck around to see Ben out.

I thought we might go for dinner or drinks, but instead I just helped Ben carry his stuff out while I waited for Summer to get home. I got a little choked up, but I’m happy for him. As soon as I got home, Summer, Eaddie, and I went to Mulan’s for dinner.

Once we got back home for the evening, Summer went to bed and I finished up on the computer before watching an episode of House with Eaddie. Then we were off to bed.

But I with mournful tread,
Walk the deck my Captain lies,
Fallen cold and dead.

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