Just Sit Down and Do Work

I was sleeping super hard when my alarm went off this morning. I made it in to work on time, but others didn’t and got yelled at by Gary. It was lax before, but now we haven’t had a leader there consistently for like a month. He sent everyone to the junior high to unbox laptops while I worked on the imaging process all day. I caught a break pretty late, but I think he’s still pretty stressed about getting it done since we still have new devices coming later in the summer.

We got our COVID checks today, which was nice. It would have been nicer if they paid us for the time we worked, and not based on the number of days that teachers worked, since we had to be there for way longer risking ourselves. I nearly died. Three times.

Greg took Josh and me to Taco John’s for lunch, and the tacos were actually great for the first time in a while. We saw Brice there with his 911 buddies, which is to say his work crew, and not a count of how many buddies he has.

After work, Summer came over and we went to Georgia Carpet Mills to trade some tile samples. I think we found a couple that I really like. She really liked a super worn pattern, but it didn’t come in long planks, and would require us to go all-in on a rustic look that I think would just be too stylized.

I went up to her place to help with the mower for a bit, and recorded a video of my Rolling Square InCharge 6 Max charge cable so I could submit a warranty claim. I don’t actually know if it’s under warranty for longer than a year, but the cable was always slow. Afterward I went to my parents’ house for eggplant soup. I couldn’t stick around any longer than that because the allergies murdered my sinuses.

When I got home, I dug the Grom out and took it for a ride around the block. It rode fine, but felt ever-so-slightly crooked. It’s a shame, but it’ll be a fine beater to teach Eaddie how to ride eventually.


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