Not What I Herd

I really didn’t want to get out of bed this morning. I snoozed for about five minutes, then crawled out of bed for a slow start. We started the day by taking a couple pallets of laptops over to the junior high. It was super humid, but eventually the rain cooled everything off. Gary had everyone pair off to complete random little projects since Zach wasn’t around pretending to have a real plan.

Lunch time came around the time the rain started just pouring down. Gary and I ran to Subway for lunch, and then I spent all afternoon poking at the Windows deployment in SCCM. I stayed super late just because I was getting into things. I moved some office furniture around as I waited on progress bars. Ultimately I made it home for the evening pretty late and started tinkering with things there.

Prime Day has been better than the past, which is both good and bad. It’s nice to have something like this that’s not around the holidays though.

Just be hungry.

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