Captain’s Log

Summer got up this morning and had to take Eaddie to her parents’ house to meet up with Autumn so they could spend the day with their father. I stayed home and started some laundry, and cleaned up the bedroom. After some gym time and cleaning up herself, Summer came back and kept me company.

Later in the evening, we met my family at La Villa for a Father’s Day dinner. I spotted Carlos and Adrian across the room, so Julie went over to greet the family.

On the way home, I stopped by Walgreens to pick up a photo print I had ordered. Julie happened to order one as well, and they actually opened it up to show her the gorilla from Disney. If I had been anyone else, I might have been upset, so I’m surprised they did that. My next stop was for some gas, and then home for the evening.

I just play one on TV.

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