Double Your Money

We didn’t have anything pressing going on at work today, so a couple people split off to take care of other things, and a couple more went to image junior high laptops. Gary and I stayed at the shop to duplicate flash drives among other things.

My money transfer back into my savings account evidently got doubled, so I spent about half an hour talking to both Discover Bank and Arvest trying to make sure I didn’t get hit with an insufficient funds fee. Discover was uncharacteristically useless, but a nice lady at Arvest said she would set a calendar reminder to waive the fee for me once the transaction finishes tomorrow.

Lunch time came and went pretty fast. Gary suggested CiCi’s because Brody wanted it yesterday but couldn’t get Greg to go along with it. Gary and I met him over there, and they were just packed. After lunch, I went to the junior high with the last of the flash drives and found some of the ones Brody was missing. I think we’re still missing a couple, but now Gary has some new ones mixed in with the rest and I’ll never be sure again.

Gary joined us at the very end of the day, but four people was way too much for the number of flash drives we had, so I went to the high school to catch Mike and grab some flash drives from him to make in the morning. When I left, there was a road crew tearing up 16th Street and I had to take the long way home.

It was a pretty quiet, slow evening at home for the most part. I waited for Summer to get home from a day in Conway, and then the gym. I would have liked to get some more done around the house, but hopefully at least the garage door sensor will stay put.

Ah, screw it.

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