You’re Living a Lie!

We had our first conference room meeting this morning, and got a glimpse of some of the structural changes we’ll be seeing soon. A part of that change is that Greg and I will basically report directly to Gary as a part of an Engineering team, and Zach will lead the others on an Operations team. For the time being, we’ll also have to pick up some elementaries until we can get an additional tech or two, so I’ll be the primary contact for Oakland again, which is fine by me.

I spent most of the rest of the day to myself, except for when Renee really wanted some help buying some in-game currency on her phone. I was successful with my task sequence for the virtual academy devices, which was the big task of the day. I ran by the junior high to pick up a few things, and made it back to the shop as it really started pouring down rain.

Summer wanted to get lunch, so I picked her up after I got off and we went to La Huerta. I had forgotten how they made their taco salads like an enormous taco instead of a bowl, and actually prefer it. Maybe I can get them into the work rotation.

When I got back home, Dad’s vapor barrier materials had arrived, so I dragged them in out of the rain until he could come get them. Then I did some laundry until it was time to get Summer for our evening with John, Melissa, and Travis.

I ran a little late, but we still beat John and Melissa. Travis had set up a game of Candy Land with some extra Dungeons & Dragons monsters and a sheet of rules for our drinking game. We were the only ones that actually brought anything to drink, so it was “nasty beer” and Irish car bombs all night aside from the rum and Diet Mountain Dew that Travis had around.

We enjoyed the first game well enough, and things just got sloppier from there for most everyone. Travis broke out Cards Against Humanity for a bit, and then spent far too long fumbling around for Guitar Hero on an old Wii system that required disassembling most of an entertainment area in his room. In the end, I was really the only one sober enough to play the guitar anyway. My eyes were burning really badly from the smoke by that time, so I tried to get us out of there. Everyone protested, and then I was stood outside with Travis for several minutes as he lamented.

Eventually I got the urgency of leaving across, and we made it home where Summer went straight to bed and I stayed up with Eaddie getting her prepared for her flight the next morning.

No one can make you.

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