Someone decided it would be a good idea to start work two hours early today so we could beat the heat. I wouldn’t suggest that they were wrong, but my pants were still completely wet by the time we got everything moved from the junior high back to our shop, and then took all of the trash out to the recycle bin. It would have been a little warmer out by 8:00, but I don’t think it made enough of a difference. The humidity after the rain yesterday was just absolutely suffocating.

We also learned that Mike turned in his notice, and I don’t even know if we’ll see him again. Hopefully he’s healing up and on the road to recovery, but I can’t say I was terribly surprised or even necessarily upset. It is what it is.

Once everyone was rested up, a few of us moved everything out of my office into Gary’s old office. I wish I had seen how the desk drawers came out, because that would have saved me quite a bit of grief. I’ll still have to unpack more later, and I really have better things to do.

I thought we’d take lunch earlier than we did, but we only went a few minutes earlier than we normally do. The Service Plus boys wanted Waffle House, and I couldn’t argue with that after hitting my steps goals before 9AM. I had one of the lesser burgers I’ve ever had from there, but the hash browns were perfectly awful for me.

After lunch, I had to go by the junior high to help Jessica with importing her new laptops into the library system. I thought they knew how, but evidently they had no clue, and after seeing Ben’s documentation, there’s no wonder why. Fortunately I’ll actually see him tomorrow to explain what the heck I’m supposed to do.

I ended up leaving work much later than I thought, and went to Summer’s shop to get my new tires. There, they were experiencing trouble with their air system, which incidentally ran just about everything, including the tire machine. Unfortunately my car was already disassembled with all of the air out of the tires, so I was stuck until we either fixed the issue or built up enough pressure in the tank to run the machine.

I helped Alex with the whole process mostly so that I could learn how to do it myself next time. I may not still have access to the machinery in another 50,000 miles, but at least I’ll know what’s involved if I get the opportunity to do it myself in the future. We got all four tires mounted, and even found the bulge in my old tire that was causing the shaky ride and starboard drift. I ran home to get some cash to pay, then went straight to my parents’ house to take a dip in the pool.

Dad pulled up next to me right by Western Sizzlin, but I didn’t notice until the light changed and he pulled ahead of me. I followed them there and went straight for the pool. The water was really warm and gross, and the floor of the pool was covered in dead algae. I could see the path I was leaving everywhere I went. While I was in there, I video called Eaddie just to check in, and found an AR model that put my face on a swimmer. It had us cracking up that I could dip my face in the water and blow bubbles in the animation.

I stuck around for just a few minutes to chat after I got out, and then went back to the shop to finish moving my stuff to the new office. I didn’t unpack everything, but at least moved everything into the room so it would be out of everyone else’s way. Then I finally made it up to Summer’s house for the evening.

Summer had already eaten and was relaxing with some TV. I warmed up some leftovers, ate, and then laid in her lap until she went to bed. Then we talked for a bit before she went to sleep and I wrapped my own day up.


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