All Your Base

I woke up feeling quite refreshed after a long night of sleep, which helped keep me sharp throughout the day. Gary showed me the insides of our Cognos reporting, and we spent all day trying to import some data into other applications the staff want to use. I’m not sure how useful reporting in Cognos will be outside of the district, but I do think it’s something that I’ll enjoy tinkering with.

Being stuck on my newfound “engineering” tasks kept me out of any other buildings, which is bad for this time of the year. School starts next week, and I still haven’t made it out to hook up some staff devices. Priorities are priorities though, and evidently we’ve taken on a lot more responsibilities this year in spite of losing most of the eSchool stuff.

Gary, Greg, Brody, and I went to Linh’s for lunch, and I had to eat my phở with a fork because our server never got back around to us while we were eating. I picked up a tin of cookies on the way out, and then spent the rest of the afternoon playing around in Cognos by myself. I was successful with most of my first assignment, but I’ve still got some work to figure out tomorrow since we don’t name our courses the way they want them for Agile Mind.

I finished up a bit late, then went home to change. I was pretty mentally exhausted, so I didn’t get up to much. I eventually made some tuna for dinner, and then vegged on YouTube until bedtime.

Elementary, my dear Watson.

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