Back to the Beginning

I went in to the shop first thing this morning so I could take care of a few things before going to Oakland. It was really quiet with most of the team out in buildings, but things got exciting at Oakland when I finally made it over there. I wandered back and forth down the halls trying to find where everyone had moved, and closed what work orders I could. Evidently there was a screaming runner, so there were a couple suits there briefly just to oversee what was going on.

I stuck around until lunch, then just went home to eat some leftovers before going back to the shop for the afternoon. I was able to get a bit more done there, and though my work is kind of piling up, things just felt more relaxed there than having to be in the building. It’ll be nice to get most of the work orders cleared out of the building so I can get into another project to finish.

Eaddie walked to my house after school, so I came home to her finishing up my pizza. Autumn came along shortly after and took her home, and I spent the rest of the evening in a quiet house to myself. I hardly moved off of the couch and just watched YouTube all evening. Hopefully I sleep better tonight.

Back to the mask.

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