I slept fairly well last night, but not enough. It made for a late start to the day, which had me worried in light of recent events, but it didn’t matter once I got rolling anyway. I spent the morning in my office being super scattered and struggling to accomplish anything of consequence. It reminded me of those giant jawbreakers that were popular when I was growing up. I think I still have mine somewhere, less than half eaten – or licked. I just have to pick one tiny thing and close it, then do the same to another, until eventually things calm down again.

Zach and Gary almost left me behind for lunch, but then came back to get me. We met Brody at Bocadillos for one of the cheapest lunch specials around. I went with three tacos and felt satisfied without overstuffing myself. When we got back to work, I loaded up and went to Oakland for the afternoon.

It was so hot and humid that I felt like I was drowning inside of my mask. The little face cup in my mask just kept condensing my breath, which dripped all over my mouth and made me miserable. I got as much done as I could, and made it back to the office late enough that even Thomas was leaving. I stayed long enough to close out my work orders, then went home for the night.

Eaddie had walked home from school, but left with Autumn shortly after I got there. I didn’t get up to much, but made some ramen for a light dinner, then went to bed really early.

And the spies came out of the water.

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