Hot Town, Summer in the High School

Gary was out for a second day in a row, leaving me to poke around all the sync issues we’ve adopted this year. Thomas helped me a bit with one, but I feel like it’s the same thing every day. Discover a new product we use, and then figure out who the heck is supposed to know what to do with it.

Greg wanted Fat Daddy’s since he had to do some work in London, so Zach drove four of us out there to meet him. I had one of the better meals I’ve had there, but it was still just mediocre barbecue. On the drive out, Thomas told us about some of the insane offers they’ve had on their old house, and it’s just nuts how the housing market has exploded up there.

We had an interview in the afternoon, so I just locked myself up in my office until they were done. After a while, I went to the high school to help Brody with some stuff. That was the most frustrating part of my day, because we still didn’t fix the issue. It was also super hot everywhere we went because the air conditioner was out. They had little portable units everywhere with vents going up into the ceiling, but it barely kept the place sufferable. Then we ended the day unable to get into an office out at Votech because we didn’t have a key to their door.

I went home for a bit before going to my parents’ house. I wasn’t very hungry, but I loaded up on some veg-heavy spring rolls. Then I sat outside for a bit while Mom and Dad watered her plants. When I got back home, I was pretty tired but still tried to pick up a little bit before settling in to bed. I hit up the work group text to check on Thomas’s final offer for the house, and it was even better than the one he talked about during lunch. How I just need to talk him into investing it in Doge.

Did somebody say, “moon?”

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