Everything Day

We got up this morning and the purse/wallet collection I bought Summer was delivered, so I surprised her with that. Autumn was up and wanted CJ’s for lunch because evidently none of them had ever had it. Eaddie wasn’t interested, but I met Summer and Autumn there. It was more disappointing than usual, with small patties and soggy fries.

I rode back home feeling super muggy, and eventually got cleaned up enough to go shopping with Summer. I picked her up and we went to Walmart to pick up some things for her Paint the Town Green and Gold for Tech next week. Then we went back to get Eaddie so we could deliver her to the bowling alley for a double date.

Autumn had to work in the evening, so Summer and I just went to my parents’ house for beef spring rolls while we waited for Eaddie to finish up. We took a peak at the pool pump that had seized up, then took a bolt with us to find an extracting socket that would fit. Eaddie finished up and we all went up to their house for the evening.

Summer had some laundry to get going, then went to bed while Eaddie and I watched some House. Being school season, Eaddie gets tired really early, so we only got a couple episodes in before she started dragging. I finished up my routine and tried not to get to sleep too late.

Shoulda gotten the rain suit…

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