Just Like Being There

I burned most of today fighting with Jazz’s lab again. I just couldn’t get those computers to run the Autodesk deployment. They either had bad cache, or just hadn’t retried the installations, and I ended up having to remote into them one by one to start the installations again. I might as well have just walked into the room and copied the software over from a flash drive.

I met Brody at CiCi’s for lunch, then continued with more of the same in the afternoon. I did get another deployment made for the same lab, but otherwise I didn’t get up to much else. The only thing I felt really good about today was sending something to Gary with a useful suggestion, and then finding out that he actually implemented some changes. Hopefully now we’ll have a bit more clarity when some of our automation scripts don’t work as expected.

After work, I went home to change and then went to visit with Mom. The pool had a bunch more sediment in it again, so I spent quite a while trying to research their new pump model and how it should be set to better filter their water.

When I finally got home, I picked up a little bit but didn’t really get deep into anything. I struggled to wind down very well in spite of how little I slept last night, so hopefully tomorrow isn’t too much of a drag.

I never liked only having one speaker of the house. That’s why I’m always shopping for more.

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