I was surprised this morning by being thrown into a conference call with one of the transportation guys for a sales pitch. He ended up being a little bit late, so I chatted motorcycles with the two sales guys until he showed up. The meeting lasted nearly to lunch, and then a group of us went to La Chiquita.

After lunch, I stopped by to see Summer for just a brief moment since she was in the pit, and then spent some time at Oakland just closing out tickets. I had to get back to the shop in time to help with a touch panel install at Sequoyah.

The install was a bit of a cluster because Kyle, Brody, and I kept tripping over each other. When we weren’t doing that, we were forgetting half of the things we needed in order to make the setup work. On top of that, the library was just sweltering for some reason, and I just dripped sweat the entire time. That just wore me out, in spite of it being such a mild day.

When I left, I stopped by the shop again to see Summer, then went home to mostly veg out. My neighbor did come over to ask for some of the wood in my backyard, which I was happy to offer as long as he didn’t take from the stacks that Summer or I made. Most of what was left were big logs though, and he seemed disappointed that he’d have to put some work into getting it chopped up and usable.

After that, I aired up just about every tire I have because the cooler temperatures has mealt lower air pressure. Then I came inside and sat around all evening, just feeling a bit aimless without much energy. My next big project is going to be organizing a bunch of returns of clothes I’ve been trying out over the past couple weeks.

Who needs anemones?

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