Take a Seat

Summer and Autumn had a race this morning, but I didn’t get to sleep in. Eaddie had to be at the high school by 8:15 to go to Conway for orchestra tryouts, but not before running home to get her music. I got her breakfast at Wendy’s on the way, and then I was on my own until the other two got back home. I spent my time cleaning up after last night, vacuuming and cleaning up outside.

When they got back, Autumn went home to clean up and Summer wanted to go by Fall Fest. I had just gotten out of the shower and needed to get ready. My parents stopped by to borrow a laser measuring tool, and then we were off. Fall Fest was busy with people, but not much of interest. We made a loop, stopping to buy some baked goods from her mother’s church, who opted not to pay the booth fee to the community, and instead set up on the church stoop to peddle their confections.

When we got back home, Summer left and I waited for Eaddie to get back from her trip. She made first chair, so I offered to take her out to a celebratory dinner. She wasn’t hungry right then though, so we headed on home.Autumn had a new friend over for the night, but we didn’t get into anything. Summer hid in the bedroom, and eventually Eaddie got tired of homework and wanted food.

After tossing around the idea of a taco truck, she decided on Bocadillos in Dardanelle for their frozen desserts. She chatted a bunch and talked about her day at tryouts in Conway. We both stuffed ourselves silly, but she made room for half a scoop of ice cream, and I couldn’t leave without a mangonada.

Everyone but Autumn’s friend was immediately off to sleep when we made it home. I felt a little bad, but I empathized with how tired everyone was. Now we just have to make it through breakfast, and hopefully I can get some more accomplished tomorrow.

22% minimum? Seriously?

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