Back From the Grave

When I got to work this morning, Jacob had gotten everyone stockings with candy. It was a really nice surprise, since he’s always actively avoided going to lunch with any of us. After a bit of chat about what projects we had to do over the break, everyone split up and I poked at some stuff in my office. After a little while, I went upstairs to find some Chromebooks to temporarily deploy at Oakland, just so I could remove the 95 or so devices that were too old to receive security updates.

Gary came up to help me, and we got about half of the Chromebooks I needed. Then most of us went to the junior high, where we were invited to join their staff lunch. The food was surprisingly good, and it was nice to see a bunch of the people over there that I don’t see any more.

After lunch and chatting with Kevin a while, we made it back to the shop and I went back out to finish up my Chromebook project. The afternoon took much longer, because for some reason a lot of the devices had to install two or three updates instead of just one. Fortunately Gary came out to help again after a while, and though I had to work a little later than our early quitting time, I got it all done.

I went home until it was time to pick up Summer for my work Christmas party, and then we made it to Nonna Bella’s for dinner. They just gave us an entire side of the restaurant and we, perhaps foolishly, pushed all of the tables into one big, long table. The boot we were sat in was the most awkward because of the size difference with the other tables, but we made it work. It was a really good time, and even Jacob showed up. Kyle, on the other hand, was gone all day to visit his parents and didn’t make it to dinner. Josh was out sick too, but everyone else made it.

When we got back to the house, Summer went to bed and Eaddie and I watched a couple episodes of House before bed. We’ve got about a third of the last season left, and then it’s off to the next show.

No more Spider-Spoilers!

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