Gossip Grill

I woke up at one point this morning and thought I would be up for good, but then slipped back into a deep sleep for a couple more hours. I felt pretty good after that, but woke up to Eaddie in the doorway, talking at hyperspeed after pulling an all-nighter with friends. It didn’t take very long for her to slow down to a crawl after Summer left for the gym though.

I grilled some leftover cheddar jalapeƱo sausages for us for lunch, which took quite a bit longer than I expected over a single burner on the grill turned up to high. It probably would have heated up a lot more with extra burners on, but I just figured one should be enough.

The rest of the day was pretty well burned up as Eaddie eventually passed out. I let her sleep for a while, but eventually had to get her home. We stopped at Walmart for a pork loin, as well as some shrimp, a salmon fillet, and asparagus on a whim. Summer made some butternut squash and fried potatoes at home, and I grilled the rest for a big dinner.

The girls finished up some chores, and then it was really early to bed. I was just happy to be tired after sleeping in so late.

What a gas!

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