Graveyard Dead

I unloaded the last of the old laptops this morning, but I still had some other odds and ends to bring back before recycling day. Gary was back at work again, but now with his arm in a sling. I was worried he wasn’t in great spirits at the start of the day, but as we got into it, he seemed to be doing alright.

A bunch of us went to Taco John’s for Taco Tuesday. Then we had everyone come to the shop afterward to help rummage one last time through all the junk in the graveyard. We pulled out a bunch of old Lenovo laptops, which have been absolute workhorses. I almost hate to get rid of them after all this time.

As we finished up, everyone filtered off. Zach and I ended up in my office at one point, and I decided that I just had to have a Sonic slush. I went around the office to take orders, and then Zach and I picked them up in the middle of an apparent controlled burn across town. It was so hazy that it nearly blocked out the sun.

After work, I took some new scrap home to unload, then cleaned up a bit more junk at the house to take back tomorrow. Summer came by after her workout to help me load some into the car, and then I eventually went up to her house, taco in tow.

The girls had karate and got home late. Autumn seemed to be in a much better mood, but I didn’t see Eaddie all night. I forgot my medication, so I just got ready for bed as quickly as I could.

To parts-store, or not to parts-store…

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