Prepare for Battle

We got the message early this morning that our central office would be closed due to an incoming ice storm, so we had the day off. I slept in a few hours, then got up and continued working on my new desk setup. There was plenty of thunder-sleet, but that wasn’t the only thing freezing. I spent a couple hours troubleshooting an issue with the computer freezing up at random, and finally narrowed it down to an issue with the discrete video card. With that out of the loop, the computer never froze up again.

It took me several tries, but I also finally got my monitor and speakers set up in a way that I think I really like them. I even found a use for a piece of hardware from Apple in the mix. I tinkered with the setup for the rest of the day and into the evening, slowly pulling over peripherals from my old desk. It’s still a tremendous mess, but progress was made.

Arr, jeebee!

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