Quiet Return

I slept straight through the night for the first time in over a week, and felt so much better for it. I made it in to work a couple minutes early, and things were really quiet. Gary came through my office a couple times and had me start making updated flash drives for the high school and junior high, because apparently they are expecting to push some testing up to the start of next week. This is a problem, since hardly any students have updated their devices to the required version of Windows.

Nobody went out for lunch since they’re all doing a weight loss challenge, so I took the opportunity to have a Soylent for the first time in a really long time. I felt pretty good about it, though I did snack a little bit on things I had in my desk as well.

At some point, Gary needed help at Central Office, so we walked a replacement monitor over for Justin, then helped Cindy with her broken printer up front. The rest of the afternoon was super quiet as I continued to fight my slowly-failing laptop.

After work, I went by Superfast for an oil change. They were really busy, but had the staff to keep things rolling, so I waited. Then I went home until Summer was done with work and the gym, and took a bunch of salad stuff over to their house for dinner.

Autumn was asleep the entire time I was there. Summer and Eaddie ate with me though. I just air fried the chicken strips, so they came out kind of dry, but they weren’t bad. I just hated to have to melt the ice before getting to fry them. After we ate, I headed home and got to bed as quickly as I could, still tired from a long week.

I can’t decide whether I’m happy or upset that my news feed didn’t think I’d be interested in Will Smith today.

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