What’s Up, My Neighbor

Thomas, Gary, and Kelsea were out for training again today, so it was really quiet downstairs. I thought I’d get out more than I did, but ended up just churning through more flash drives. Gary asked us to take a look at some of his work orders, but I think I’m the only one that did anything at all, and even that was after they got back.

Zach really wanted La Chiquita, so he, Greg, Brody, and I went there for lunch. The fajitas were good, but a little too much. I always feel like I get either too much or too little there. I can never find a happy middle.

It rained pretty much all day, but started coming down a bit harder as we finished lunch. We made it back to the shop and I continued with more of the same until Dale and Neletta showed up to visit. I eventually made it upstairs to deliver a couple laptops. Then Tammy and I were the last two out at the end of the day.

My head was hurting quite a bit at the end of the day again, so I stayed in for the night. I got a few things ready for the next couple days, spilled a bunch of popcorn oil everywhere, and just barely managed to stay awake long enough to make it to bed after all the cold medicine.

Now you can mouse anywhere!

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