Get Busy; Stay Busy

Summer got up early this morning to go to Cabot for their grand opening, but then arrived back home a few minutes later with Wendy’s breakfast instead. I was glad to have her home for the weekend, though I didn’t see her much. She took Eaddie out to practice driving and play tennis while I went home to clean house.

I was super hyped up about cleaning up the kitchen, and felt really good about the progress I made. There’s still so much to do, but with something of a vision in mind, I felt like it might actually be possible to turn this into something great.

Summer eventually came back over after taking Eaddie and Zane to the park to play tennis, and we went to Walmart to shop for a baby shower gift. I scored some really heavy-duty ice scrapers on clearance for like a third of the markdown price on their stickers. Afterward, Summer dropped me back off at home while she went to play with the kids.

When they finished, they came and got me for dinner. We went to New China, where the kids ran into some friends and left our table. After we ate, we came back to my house and I made a small fire. I was a little disappointed that the kids only roasted like four marshmallows and then went back inside. Autumn stopped by to give Summer the medication she forgot at home, but then was quick to leave.

Eventually Summer ran Zane home and came back, straight to TV in bed. I was pretty tired after a relatively busy day, so I finished up what I could and went to sleep.


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