Center of Attention

I took the Grom in today to complete the set. I stopped at Oakland first to swap a couple iPads, and then got a couple more Chromebooks to work on from the library. Back at the shop, we had a visitor from eSchool working out of Greg’s office. I kept my room to a dull roar, and mostly kept busy until lunch time.

Thomas took a bunch of us to Brangus, but I rode the bike so we didn’t have to ride five-deep. Even Tammy came along, and Brody met us there. My inner dialog kept telling me to take half of my beef spud home, but almost instinctually, I continued to finish my plate.

Sometime in the afternoon, we were scolded for not making an appearance at Center Valley, so I dropped some stuff off at Oakland, ran home to swap for the R1, and sped north out of town. I just didn’t feel sanguine riding that little bitty bike all the way down the hill, and then back up.

I ended up bringing a backpack full of devices back to the shop, which I think is more than the number of part replacements I’ve had to perform at Oakland all year. The end of the day approached relatively quickly, and I went home exhausted because of my poor sleep the night before.

At some point I video called Summer for a bit, and we did some parental plotting and scheming. I could barely get into anything else, and went to bed early.

Her: “He’s probably thinking of other girls…”
Him: “I wonder when I can drive the forklift again…”

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