I had trouble sleeping last night, but fortunately it wasn’t too hard to get around this morning. I took Summer’s car home and debated taking a bike to work since the weather was supposed to be super nice. I knew I had to meet David to have the Murano towed sometime in the morning, plus I wasn’t sure what else I might have to do for work, so I decided to take the air conditioned option just in case I ended up in any uncomfortable heat. I’m definitely just a fair weather rider these days.

Zack and Gary were both out, so Thomas met with us and had Greg split the crew up for whatever work they could find. There wasn’t much, so nobody batted an eye when I just hung out at the shop all day working in SCCM. A couple ladies from other districts came downstairs for eSchool rollover, but I was gone for some of that to escort my tow to Accurate Automotive. Summer has sent customers there for some time, and even David said he trusts their work, and have had their work truck serviced there in the past.

Greg came back and ate at the shop, so I ended up just skipping lunch entirely for an apple and a bag of Cheetos Puffs. It was a really quiet day, and even quite cold in the air conditioning. The ladies outside my door weren’t there for long, since evidently eSchool was down for a bit. I just listened to music and tinkered at my own pace.

After work, I went home to change and then went to my parents’ house for some leftover shrimp soup. We chatted for a while about the car situation, and I was a little disappointed to find the value of the Murano to be under about $13,000. It is older now, but still in pretty fair shape. Hopefully the engine isn’t damaged, but I feel encouraged about buying a new car now that I’ve had a good raise, saved some extra money, and have another raise coming in a matter of days.

I eventually made it up to Summer’s for the evening, and I thought Autumn was going to be sour, but she ended up being pretty good all night. We got our letters absolving us of any wrongdoing in the case against Autumn, and enjoyed the weather on the front porch for a bit. Then I dressed up some of Autumn’s leftover chicken rollup things for Summer’s dinner, and everyone went to bed pretty early.

I’ve never gotten so many letters in my entire life!

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