It felt great to sleep in a bit since I woke up at home. I made it to work, and we all sat around the table for nearly an hour before anyone got up. When I got into my office, I started feeling bug bites, and discovered a few random ants all over my desk. I could never figure out where they were coming from, and ended up leaving anyway to take care of some things at Oakland.

I got a few phones logged in, and then put my Pixel Buds in while I went room to room, hooking up technology. It was slow, but kind of Zen just wandering through the empty halls by myself. I ended up working a bit into lunch, and then just picked up some chicken strips with gravy from Dairy Queen. I took that back to the shop and ate in the breakroom, and then spent a bit of time in the afternoon in my office again.

Summer called to say the Murano would finally be finished by the end of the day, but he’d charge an additional 3% if I paid with a card, so I texted Dad to see if he had access to some money immediately. He came by to deliver that, and then I spent the end of the day at Oakland again.

I went home to change, and then went to Accurate Automotive to pay the younger Mike for the work. Autumn was home, and Eaddie had tennis practice, so I just had Autumn drop me off on the way so I could take the Murano home. It was super hot outside, and I couldn’t hear the engine well over the air conditioner, so I left it at the house and Autumn took us to CiCi’s for dinner while Eaddie played tennis.

It was super hot in the restaurant, and I never got any barbecue or spinach alfredo, so overall it was a very uncomfortable visit for me. When we finished, Autumn dropped me off again, and I met her at the gas station after she picked up Eaddie. They filled up and went home, and then I drove across town on the interstate before making it to my parents’ house. They were watering plants, so I didn’t stick around too long in the heat.

I stopped by the quarter wash and cleaned all the dust and water spots off of the Murano, and then made it up to Summer’s house just seconds before she pulled in from a day in Conway. Everyone settled in pretty quickly, except for me, who dawdled too long and made it to bed late. At least I’m tired from the heat.

Friggin ants!

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