It felt like Monday all day after being off yesterday. I never quite shook the feeling of it being the start of a new week, but I’ll appreciate that tomorrow. I had a Jamf call with Gary after a short meeting this morning. We were a small crew, so what was left finally delivered a bunch of computers to the new high school A/V lab. Our call with support was a bit awkward, but the guy finally sent me a link to a proper setup guide that resolved our issue. It was frustrating that it took a week of bouncing messages back and forth, but we were glad to be done with it.

I spent the rest of the day in the office tinkering with different things, because I didn’t want to drive anywhere after hearing my brakes grinding this morning. Summer ordered some new pads for me, and I planned to go to Superfast after work. Thomas took Gary and me to lunch and ended up paying for us, along with cheese dip and possum pie, so that was an awesome surprise.

The afternoon was quiet up until I left. I ran home to change, still expecting to do the brake change myself. Then I watched a video on it, and decided to pay to have it done when I saw what else was involved. Justin, Austin, and Alexis all three came out to knock the job out in about 15 minutes, and then I went to Sonic to get some drinks for them, along with a few extra bucks.

When I got home for the evening, I tinkered with a speaker and microphone bundle I picked up from work several weeks ago and had left in the trunk of my car while it was waiting to have the radiator replaced. I got the wired mic to work, but didn’t have batteries for the wireless one. Summer came over with some Taco Villa for dinner since the girls went to stay with their father. Then she took a shower and went to bed watching Rise of the Guardians while I tinkered on the computer until my own bedtime.

Maybe provide the friggin’ manual next time.

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