I had some more ideas for the transportation software this morning, and it finally worked out. I took a trip to the bus shop and verified everything was working as it should, and finally wrapped up that day and a half of work. Lunch time came around pretty quickly, and Brody said the guys wanted Mulan’s. I really didn’t want another buffet, but I thought I could switch up my normal routine enough that I wouldn’t get sick from it.

I was shocked at how much better the food was at Mulan’s than New China. I had been favoring New China for a little while, but I think after the last few visits, I’m ready to switch back. The variety and freshness have just been better, and it feels like New China is just getting run down.

The afternoon was pretty quiet again, but I kept busy with other things people were sending me. When it was time to leave, I caught Zach and Gary talking outside, and Zach said he was going to Lowe’s to check out an alleged sale on lawn furniture that Brody told us about during our meeting. I decided to ride over with him, and his girls beat us there. We didn’t see much of interest, which wasn’t a huge surprise since Brody is like 90% hype and about 12% follow-through.

I rode on home for a little while, and got a message from Dad that he was going to go see the paramotoring guys again. I met them at the aquatic center just in time to see them take off. The new guy we met, Nathan, had an old gas-powered rig and took off with relative ease. Jim had his brand new electric one from OpenPPG, and seemed much more cautious about the wind direction. He did finally get off the ground and took off to the north, but he never gained much altitude. As he went down below some trees in the distance, I saw his wing collapse and heard a crash. Dad and I drove around to check on him, and he was walking around picking up the pieces. We felt terrible, but he refused any help, and Nathan eventually landed and came around to help.

We left from there, and I went up to Summer’s for the evening. She was just sitting down to watch The Devil Wears Prada on the recommendation of someone at work that likened their work relationship to theirs in the movie. I told Summer this wasn’t a good thing, and of course neither of us cared much for the movie. The girls left to pick up some Wendy’s while we watched the movie, and then everyone called it an early night.


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