Fresh Ain’t Cheap

I felt a bit bloated all day since I didn’t follow my usual routine. Fortunately it never got any worse than that, aside from my head cold working into my chest. There were a few people out for the day, so it was really quiet in the shop. I just slowly chipped away at the pile of old work orders I had, and tried to avoid accumulating new ones.

Zach suggested Subway for lunch, so the two of us drove over and met Gary and Greg there. I placed my order online and didn’t actually get it until after they were almost done eating their own food, but that was fine because I paid less with a BOGO sandwich deal.

The afternoon was quiet as well. I tried to spend a little time at Oakland, but got called away abruptly when a family came up to the virtual academy office with hotspot trouble. I spent some time working on that and ended up swapping the kid’s laptop, and then finished the day in the basement.

When I got home, I found the missing home for the extra screw we had last night. It went to a corner of one of the heat shields on the side of the grill. Unfortunately the rotisserie attachment I bought was missing a couple parts, so I’ll have to see what I can do about that. I hung out at home for a little longer, then went up to Summer’s for the evening. I helped Eaddie with like one math problem, and then everyone was quickly off to bed.

Can’t wait for the preseason!

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