It’s a Garage!

The girls both had things at school early this morning, so they were out of the house before we woke up. Once we got out of bed, I got started pretty quickly on the back yard, mowing and trimming a path to the shed so I could offload some stuff from the garage. It was a little warm outside, but I pushed through all day long.

Autumn came by when she finished with her activity, and went with Summer to get gas and prepare for the Sadie Hawkins dance in the evening. I continued sorting through things in the garage, trying not to let Doug distract me to much as he popped in a couple of times. Later in the afternoon, I got the pressure washer out so I could clean my old Cat Genie litter box.

I was pretty beat from working all day, so I came in as the sun went down to take a shower. Eaddie didn’t get back from her robotics trip until late, so I picked her up after my shower, and took her home. I forgot the pizza at home though, and drove back through a really heavy thunderstorm to get it. When I got back, Summer and I tried to set up their new TV, but the stands I brought for it were the wrong type.

Summer wanted to hike the next day, but I was fairly certain I wouldn’t be up for it, with my aches from working all day. I did my best to get to bed early though, so at least I’d have the option.

One tubby tubby!

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