40 and 21

Today was Gary’s 40th birthday, which just reminded me how close I am to mine. He said the air unit in our core server room had gone out, so he had to come to work at two in the morning. Thomas was out, so we didn’t have an agenda for our meeting, but it was still really short. After everyone else was run off, Gary and I chatted with Jeff to give him a little bit of training.

I was a bit scattered for most of the day, and was pulled in a few different directions. Tammy’s son came by, and she asked if I would give him a ride in the Model 3. She came along too, for a loop around the neighborhood. Then I spent some time in Photoshop and worked on my meeting minutes.

Jeff came back to have lunch with us, but Jacob still wouldn’t. It ended up being Gary, Kyle, Josh, Jeff, and me because Zach went to wait for maintenance to show up at the server room. We thought he would catch up to us, but ultimately he just had Gary make an order to go. That meant I paid for four meals, but Zach paid me back for his and Jeff’s.

Shortly after we got back from lunch, Dale and Neletta stopped by. She chatted with Tammy while he, Zach, Gary, and I gabbed in Zach’s office. Eventually I got around to offering a ride, and I let him drive my car up the road a ways. He had lots to talk about, and enjoyed the performance, but I don’t think it’ll make him start voting democrat any time soon.

The rest of the afternoon was super quiet, and I’m pretty sure nobody else actually worked a full day. I stayed a little late putting the finishing touches on my CPPC email, and then I headed home to see what Terminix had finished with at the house.

I hadn’t had a chance to show Bác Vân or Doug my car yet, so I stopped by to take them around the block as well. She really liked how clean it was inside. Then I went home to reset one of my wireless access points for her and then killed a bit of time before going to Summer’s.

On the way, I finally remembered to return the unused sprayer hose to Lowe’s. When I got to the house, Summer was on the couch watching TV while the girls were picking up food. I warmed up some leftovers for myself and then laid on the couch with her until she got up to go to bed. I got pretty tired pretty early, so I took the opportunity for some extra sleep.


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