To Recap

It was kind of a busy day today, but not so much from work. Thomas was finally back, but it was still pretty quiet in the office. I had to go to the junior high pretty early to help Jacob find the breaker for the west street sign power. I gave him a ride back to his office and then went in to see the girls in the library. I quickly gave Ronda a ride down the street, chatted with our coffee guy for a bit about it, and then gave Jessica a ride as well. I stopped by Dwight on my way back across town and took care of the only thing they had going on. They’ve been the opposite of needy, but it’s just that time of year.

Dale came down to meet us for lunch, and when we all arrived at Taco John’s, Allen was there to meet us as well. I don’t really think anyone told him, so it’s possible he showed up because I told him weeks ago that we’re there every week. I sent a picture to Amanda and jokingly asked why she wasn’t there for the reunion.

The afternoon was a little quiet as well. I snuck out to go to the assessor’s office because they couldn’t add the Model 3 to my tax account over the phone. Evidently their service provider was compromised, but hopefully nothing of value was stolen. The printed copy of the accounts they had to find me in was comically large, so I asked if I could get a photo.

My time at the courthouse was pretty short, so I decided to run across town to the DMV to register my car, since an earlier phone call proved that I wouldn’t be able to register immediately with my vanity plate. Even if I only use it for a day, I’ll have to have a regular interim plate in order to retrieve my vanity plate. I waited in line for a short while, and then spoke to a nice lady that couldn’t actually help me without my loan paperwork. I didn’t realize it until after I left, but I actually had digital copies of that stuff from when I originally made my down payment. I expected it to be in the physical packet I received, but it wasn’t. Now I’ll have to go back a second and third time to complete the registration and ultimate transfer to my final tag.

I finished up the day working on some things for a couple of the other guys. Summer wanted me to pick up Eaddie after robotics, so I had some time to kill. I headed toward Ridgewood Brothers to see if I would run into anyone, and I found Robert at the new building. He was just finishing up, so I let him take a spin in the new car. He was just loaded with questions, more than anyone else I’ve talked to so far. It was a fun ride, and got me right up to time to get Eaddie.

I stopped by the house to check mail, and then waited for Eaddie behind the high school. As soon as she came out, we ran to my house again so I could change, swap cars, and pick up some rice for dinner. Summer made a corned beef at home, so we ate as soon as the rice was done. Autumn got home from karate late and had lots to say about people that were trying to motivate her. She was taking their comments to mean they thought she was doing well, but in reality it was pretty obvious they were trying to push her harder and tell her that she had potential if she would just stick with something. After that, the girls split up for bed pretty early. I tinkered a little bit, but made it to bed on time myself.


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