Thaco… Thursday?

Greg was finally back from his vacation, but he said he didn’t catch any deer. I was glad to hear that he still enjoyed himself. I started on my project to migrate EAST’s domain controller, but kept getting stuck because we didn’t have their existing server information documented anywhere. I had other things to pick at throughout the day though, so it wasn’t too dull.

After two Tuesdays without Taco John’s, Greg wanted to go there for lunch. I could have fit in Thomas’s truck with the others, but I really just wanted to drive my car. I used the opportunity to get a free meal with points, and then got more receipts for more points before we left.

The afternoon was quite a bit slower. Somehow I fixed an issue that Jeff had earlier in the morning, but I didn’t have a clue how. Josh never got back to me with the domain controller information because Dan wouldn’t give him what I needed without checking with EAST first. I don’t know why those facilitators always have to be so absolutely dense, but it’s super annoying. I’ve never met one that wasn’t completely out of their depth, and the entire program is a joke any more. I wish they would just scrap it.

The superintendent barged in later in the afternoon, but she stayed up front with Thomas. We weren’t sure what she wanted, but we were pretty sure she wasn’t happy. We collectively did our best to finish out the day, but I left right on the dot. I went by Ridgewood to find Grant and Kyler, and we chatted for a little while about the car. I’ll have to catch up with Grant next week when he’s not covered in barbecue.

I got to the high school on time, but it looked like robotics had let out a little earlier than usual. Eaddie jumped into the car while I farted at her friends outside, and she said now she likes the Tesla. We went on to my house where I started my first software update, and then we made our way home for the evening. Autumn came out once to make a brief appearance, but otherwise it was an early night to bed. I ate some leftovers for dinner, but then finished up about three hours early myself. I felt tired, though.

Shorter days, but still no SAD yet!

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