Copy No Copy

It was frosty again this morning, but comfortably cold during the day. I tried to keep busy, but kind of got distracted quite a bit. I spent some time on hold with my insurance company because I couldn’t log in to check my HSA information. That whole process was a bit of a rabbit hole. When lunch time rolled around, it was just Zach and me again, so I suggested sharing a BOGO at Subway.

The afternoon was super quiet, just as it has been. I finished up my file copying and messed with file shares, visited Dwight to check on something that fixed itself, and generally tried to stay out of trouble. After work, I went straight home to swap cars before going to Walmart to pick up the last couple things I needed to make dinner.

Summer was at the gym and Autumn was at karate, but Eaddie was home while I threw some frozen chicken into the Instant Pot for tacos. I ended up running the program twice because I wasn’t completely sold on the temperature of the chicken after the first cook. I think too much of it was above the water line, and all of the chicken was frozen into a solid block anyway. I thought it smelled pretty gross, but Summer said it just smelled like dark meat. It tasted alright though.

The girls all went to bed really early. I played my Stranger Things Puzzle Tales game a bit since I had to make it to a certain level to retrieve the progression pack I earned from playing before it was moved to the Netflix games category. I tried not to stay up too late though.

Sentry mode… re-activated?

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