Gary and Greg were both out today, and we only had a really brief meeting in the morning. Zach sent everyone but me to replace docking stations at the junior high. I slowly dug into my own things until he called and asked me to run across the street to help Chris with an “internet slowness” issue. That, of course, didn’t really turn into much of anything on account of “everything” that was going wrong at the time. On the way over, I inspected the parking lot and found the offending ketchup packet sitting right next to my tire. Unfortunately there wasn’t any way to get proof of who did it, but at least now I know it was some stupid kid that squirted ketchup all over my car.

After that, I burned most of my day trying to get the new Google Drive deployment to behave properly. It either didn’t want to uninstall the old version properly, or wouldn’t install and detect the new version. When lunch time came around, Zach and Kyle were the only two around to go. Zach suggested Brangus, which didn’t really excite me, but nothing else did either. I took the two of them, and we had an awkwardly quiet lunch.

The afternoon dragged on a bit. I went upstairs to restart a laptop for a kid, and then Thomas sent everyone home a few minutes earlier than the half hour that Ginni gave us. I had actually gotten into some things, so I didn’t actually leave until a few minutes late. Summer didn’t get back to town until late, Autumn went to an away game in Greenwood, and Eaddie had her grandparents take her home right after school, so I hung out at home for a while before coming over.

On the way out, I stopped by to troubleshoot Bác Vân’s dead iPad. It needed to be charged in a bad way. Then I cleaned up some leftovers at the house. The girls watched a bit of TV when Summer got home, but didn’t get up to anything else. I stayed up late playing on my phone until Autumn showed up. Then it was off to bed. Mom came down with the flu or something like it, so it’s just as well that we’ll be hosting Thanksgiving this year.

I guess I should start shopping for tires early…

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