Sand, Which is There

I woke up when the girls were getting around for their robotics tournament this morning and couldn’t go back to sleep. As soon as Summer got up for work, I headed on home to recover from my night. I warmed up my week old Bronco sandwich from Ridgewood, and it would have still won in a flavor, tenderness, and juiciness against any other barbecue in town.

Mom was supposed to sleep in, but texted me a little while later asking if I wanted to come over for bánh mì. I thought I would be taking her to Ridgewood Brothers to check out the new restaurant sometime today, but she was more worried about finishing up leftovers before they went bad.

I showered and ran by Splash to check on Summer. Then I headed to eat with Mom, and hung out with her until Summer finished at work and the gym. Mom made her a sandwich that I had to carry around until after we did some shopping. I met Summer at Hobby Lobby, where Zach and Sara snuck up behind me. Then we went to Shoe Carnival, and finally Walmart for a relatively quick trip.

Summer headed home while I swapped cars. Then she spent all evening cleaning up the kitchen and making deviled eggs. The girls eventually came home from spending all day at the high school. Autumn immediately closed herself up in her room. Eaddie at least ate in the dining room while we were there, and then cleaned her room before bed. I was pretty tired myself, after a mostly boring day, so I didn’t stay up.

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