Cold, Cold Heart

Summer and I left the house this morning and stopped by Superfast and the wash to check on things. It was brutally cold, and the office at the wash didn’t have any heat. It was actually warmer in the wash than it was in the office. One of the gates had broken off, and I tried to help reattach it, but we had trouble in the frigid air.

When we finally finished checking in for work stuff, we went to Walmart for cookie materials. Then Summer dropped me off at home while she went about her day. Sheri texted me shortly after, and wanted to meet up at Oakland so I could diagnose her laptop. I tinkered a bit there, but then took it home to try and pull parts until it would POST. It never did, so I’ll have to get an adapter to try and recover data for her instead.

I spent a good portion of the afternoon rewriting my write-up rebuttal, and felt pretty good about my timeline. I just know it’s painting an even larger target on my back, but my facts were straightforward and well documented. I’d been writing it with the assumption that it would just go into my file without anyone reading it, but it’ll be interesting to see if it’s actually ever reviewed.

Eventually I got showered up and headed up to Summer’s for the evening. Dad and Julie had their return flight delayed by yet another day. Summer baked cookies all day so we could decorate them tomorrow. Noah came over late when he finished up at work, and he and Eaddie stayed up late watching a horror movie. I kept trying to fall asleep early, but had to get up to finish blogging. I read my rebuttal to Eaddie, and she said it was the most professional burn she’d ever heard, so at least I’ve got that going for me.


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