Just a Phase

Summer was back to work today. I got out of bed shortly after she left, and then Autumn came out saying they were going to go shop with their father. I hung around the house for quite a while longer than I really wanted, but didn’t have much ambition all day.

I got home and tried to clean up a little bit. I should have started some laundry earlier, because then it wouldn’t have been such a wasted day. Summer ended up working pretty late, so I ended up meeting her at the wash around the time she expected to leave.

We went through the Christmas clearance at Walmart, and I bought her some decorations for next year, along with quite a few snacks. When we got back up to her house, she made an old stir-fry meal she had in the fridge for way too long. Autumn had left to hang out at the pet store all afternoon, but we didn’t expect her to come home to eat anything after getting McDonald’s in the morning and then some rice and soy sauce in the middle of the day. Trash in, and trash out.

I watched a little bit of Liar Liar before Summer was ready for bed, and simultaneously continued playing Phase 10, which was my biggest accomplishment of the day. I’ll try harder tomorrow.

Run of Dumb

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