Summer went to work in Conway today, which meant Autumn left the house first thing to spend most of the day at the pet store. I reminded her to straighten up the house a bit, so Summer would be less likely to gripe at her for not having chores done. Then I went home to get some of my own chores done.

I only really completed two loads of laundry, but I rinsed my fleece jackets multiple times to get all the soap out. Other than that, I mostly just fought the cold all day. As Summer got closer to home, I started thinking about dinner. She wasn’t very hungry though, so I just went through Taco John’s for a bunch of tacos.

When I got back to her house, I realized they gave me an extra order of nachos on accident. Fortunately they at least got the rest of my order right, so hopefully it was extra, and they didn’t short the previous customer. The nachos were awful anyway. I ended up eating too much after all that though.

Autumn had picked up Eaddie to go visit their grandparents, so they came home after they had dinner. By then, I was cold and ready for bed.

No phone deals to be had.

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