Long Con

Autumn showed up at home just as I was walking out, and said that Eaddie was supposed to ask us for permission to go to the Garage Arcade for Autumn’s four-month anniversary. I didn’t immediately recognize how ridiculous that sounded, but I did call her out on the fact that she rattled off a list of people she invited before she had permission to go. We didn’t have anything else planned though, so I told her to work it out with Summer, and headed home for a nice shower.

My stomach was pretty rumbly all morning, so I didn’t get out until later. Summer made it back into town early, so I met her and Eaddie at La Huerta for lunch. After that, I ran to the DMV to submit my loan paperwork that they should have already had, so I could get my title. I was in and out of there within about five minutes, which was incredible. Then I stopped by River Valley Tinting and Glass to get a price on tinting the Model 3. I’d have to make an appointment, and ceramic tint would be around $375, which seemed high after I paid under $300 for two windows to be tinted and a brand new windshield for the Murano.

I took a card to possibly schedule an appointment later, and then headed to the car wash to get Eaddie. Summer got caught up at Superfast for a bit, so I ended up waiting awkwardly in the office until she showed up. Then I took Eaddie back to my house for a minute so I could help Bác Vân with her iPad. Autumn was going to come pick her up to go to the arcade, but Maristela wasn’t going, so Eaddie decided she didn’t want to go either. We laughed at how stupid Autumn was for trying to manipulate us over something so stupid, and I took her home.

Eaddie wanted to start on her new paint-by-numbers, but had to finish her last one first. I ran across Con Man on YouTube, and we plowed through both seasons while she painted. Summer came home in the middle of it and watched with us for a while, but then went to bed. I stayed up quite a bit later than I intended, but I’ll get up earlier to make up for it.

I’ll see yooouuuu iiinnnn heeeeellllllllllll!

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