Wasted Time and Money

The girls wanted to go dress shopping this morning, so I was left to fend for myself. I felt mildly better, but my low-grade fever stuck around all day. I wanted to get out of the house to do anything at all, but I could never get anyone to go with me. The girls left for Clarksville after they got back from shopping, so it was just Summer and me sitting around the house all day.

I chatted with Brandie for a while about buying a house, and she eventually called to try and better explain the virtues of having a realtor on our side. It just sounded like another money sink to me. The seller of the house we’re interested in appeared to cheap out on her realtor, and it’s all the more tempting to try and communicate directly with her after doing a little Facebook stalking.

Summer at least accomplished putting things in the girls’ scrap books, but my entire day was slowly and frustratingly burned. I paid bills and just got more and more frustrated by the idea of buying a home. If I didn’t have such a reliance on electricity to sleep, I feel like I’d be way further along on a boat life.

We ended the short and worthless day early with some Monopoly on Stadia, followed by a couple episodes of Modern Family.


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