Sick Errands

I woke up this morning after a pretty rough night and decided not to go to work. I submitted my form for leave and then crawled right back into bed, but didn’t fall back asleep until after the kids left for school. Eventually Summer got up to work from home and I fell back to sleep for a little while. When I got up, she made us eggs for breakfast, which as I understand it, is a sign of wealth in today’s grocery-economic climate.

I actually did a little bit of work from home myself when Jeff messaged me for some help, but I didn’t get very far. Eventually Summer went to the gym and then to meet Autumn for a doctor appointment about an achy-breaky back. I went home and cleaned up a bit, and eventually met Summer at Fast Glass to see if they could help with a wet spot inside the Murano when it rains.

The guy at Fast Glass was super chill and brought the car in to test for leaks while Summer took the Montego on to Superfast to help out. Unfortunately the consensus was that the leak was likely due to a clogged sunroof drain, and we couldn’t find where the actual drain was. He suggested talking to the dealership, but that sounded awful. He did at least offer to talk to the boss and see if they could pull the windshield if checking for a clog didn’t find anything.

I stopped to get a shopping list from Summer, and then went to the DMV to try and resolve my title problem. There were a few people in line ahead of me, but it wasn’t an unbearable wait. I was actually helped by the same lady that sent my last paperwork in, and she actually called the main office to confirm their issue with my original paperwork before faxing it in.

From there, I went to Walmart and leisurely browsed clearance before getting food. The request for slaw ingredients was vague, so I quickly Googled some recipes and got what I thought might taste pretty good, including a small jar of EIGHT DOLLAR mayonnaise. This slaw had better be slappin.

The girls were already home by the time I got there, but then Autumn came out and asked if they could go to dinner with their father instead of having ribs at home. I figured since Summer was going to end up working late anyway, it wouldn’t bother her to save the ribs for later. Maybe I’ll get to smoke them this weekend.

I laid around the rest of the evening until Summer got home from work. Then the girls made it back home, and Summer took Eaddie to the shop to get Autumn’s prescription, and then to the store. I cleaned up a bit, and eventually we all made it to bed.

“Oh no, I’ve been a terrible nincompoop.”

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